School Closed Thursday, August 26, 2021 and Friday, August 27, 2021

Due to staff shortages, the Cheatham County School District will be closed on Thursday, Aug. 26 and Friday, Aug. 27.
This closure includes our daycares.
We will take this time to deep clean our school buildings and use an antiviral mist in all of our buildings and on our school buses.
Athletic games on both days will continued to be played as long as players-teams aren’t on quarantine.
Due to COVID-19, we strongly encourage our families to have their child(ren) to wear a mask to school and take other precautionary measures such as getting the vaccine if the child is old enough.
These two days will be used as stockpile days or inclement weather days. We currently have 13 stockpile days built into our school calendar.
The Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Education announced today that districts will be able to increase the number of stockpile days this year.
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee is not giving districts the option to move to virtual learning this year.